Future of Glasses – Google Glasses

Like many in the online marketing business, we are fascinated by Google Glass.  Mainly because it’s very futuristic and very cool (OR ridiculous, depending on who you ask).  Like it or not, technology remains to grow at a steady pace, it was only 15 years ago that we thought website design was not necessary and would never catch on.  I remember when reports came out saying that no one would do online banking for security reasons, all that has changed too.

Remember, there was once a time when we didn’t put any thought into mobile devices like phones and tablets. Maybe Google Glass will catch on and we’ll all be talking to our glasses and taking a picture with just a wink!

If we can make this glasses waterproof then I can see us using them in this Hot Valley Heat….Google glasses or Google goggles for the pool would be a nice feature for here in the Fresno area. Would any of you use Google Glasses? Why or Why Not?

WordpressSpeaking of Future

Let us design your website today so we can grow your visibility tomorrow. The web is designed as our portfolio these days so make sure you put your best foot forward for your potential clients or customers. Websites and web rankings are today’s “first impressions” and business credibility, where do you rank compared to your competitors?

Many businesses think that having a website is enough but this couldn’t be further from the truth. You need to answer questions like, what is my website look like, where does it rank, are people finding my site and then leaving immediately?  An online strategy is a must, it is one of the only forms of advertising that works for you around the clock. think of it as the cheapest employee you will ever hire.

Give us a call, we can help you with your online strategy and campaign needs.


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