Recently AdWords rolled out enhanced campaigns, meaning that instead of having to fumble through several discrete campaigns, each geared towards a specific communication device, you can easily manage all of your campaigns in one single place. The point of an enhanced campaign is to help you efficiently manage your paid search campaigns and target the right searchers in our multi-device world. From PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, TVs, mini-tablets, hybrid devices and more, there is a large range of devices consumers use to search for your products and services.Oftentimes, consumers use multiple devices to complete a task. (Check out this study)

Any new Pay Per Click campaign is automatically enhanced. Older campaigns will be transformed into enhanced campaigns in July. As the quantity of communication devices grow and consumer behavior changes, enhanced campaigns will become increasingly important. To learn more about enhanced campaigns and how the rollout impacts your paid search campaigns,check out this article on Search Engine Land. Contact us today to start your targeted paid search campaign, focused on all of the devices your customers and prospects are using.

Try your own campaign here in Tulare, Visalia, Fresno….or where ever you want to market your brand or product on the internet. Internet Marketing is the future.

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