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Every serious business/company needs a good website

A website gives you exposure to the rest of the world. A website makes doing business a lot easier because customers need not come to your premises. Other advantages of establishing a business/company website are that you will be able to pass across such important information as promotions and sales, you will be able to advertise yourself, you will get valuable feedback that will help with product development, and it brings out professionalism.

In-House Team

You could have an in-house team do the website development or you could outsource the service. In-house website development is advantageous in that company secrets will be protected, but the advantages of outsourcing the services far outweigh those of in-house Web development.

One of the greatest advantages of outsourcing the service is that you will save money. This is because you only pay for the time that is used. With an in-house team, you have to pay a salary and other benefits all year round, even when after Web development is over and done with.

You will get economies of scale. An in-house team will not build you website as fast as you would like, but the company you outsource to will do the job as quickly as possible to get its money.


Out-Source Team

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You will get better service quality when you outsource the service. The website development will be handed at a

service provider/client basis.
The service you get will be better than what you will get from an in-house team since a professional team will have the necessary training and experience for the job. A Web development company will also have the tools necessary for the job.  Having a website designed locally can also benefit you and your business.

You will get a fresh perspective when you outsource the service. With an in-house team, there is a risk of the same old ideas being recycled. Technology is always changing and an in-house team is unlikely to have the necessary investment in training and tools. With a professional team, you will be dealing with a company that is trying to have an edge over its competitors. There is less bureaucracy when you outsource the service. Your team will be trained following the Web development if you outsource to a good company.

When you outsource the service, you will be able to concentrate on the core function of your business. The company you outsource to will have the capacity to make Themes, Plugins, Widgets, do mobile website development, and do multi-user & multi-blogging using WordPress. The WordPress platform is an open source blogging tool and CMS that is based on MySQL and PHP.

GroVisible is a website design company near Fresno ca, but we also design websites in the Visalia area.  Inexpensive website development that works for your business is key to having online visibility and success with your online presence.

[toggle title=”Why do I need a new website, and will it help increase business”]Put it this way, without a great looking website you have a 0% chance of getting new business from the internet. However, Just having a website isn’t enough. Every site needs monthly SEO and possibly PPC if its in your budget[/toggle]

[toggle title=”I have a website, why would I need to update or redesign it”]Websites need to be updated every 2 years to keep up with the current style and MOST importantly, is your existing website allowing Google to crawl it (read it) properly to allow Search Engine Results? If not, your competitors will be found before you do!![/toggle]

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