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Reputation management, as the term suggests, refers to the influencing of the perception of the public on a product, a brand, a person, or a business. It is done by censoring negative complaints, doing SEO (search engine optimization) to push bad reviews down search engine results pages (SERPs), writing good reviews, putting out a press release, and asking websites to take down damaging information. There are several reasons why you need to fight poor online presence.

Online reputation management helps you take care of a product that is leading to a poor reputation. You will interact with aggrieved customers. Their feedback will help you improve services to prevent bad experiences in the future and to prevent them from spreading the word about your bad service or product.

Reputation management helps you know how your competitors’ products or services are doing. This will help you improve your own products. With proper reputation management, you could pre-empt negative publicity. As an example, if you learn that some people are complaining about a particular product due to its complexity, you could write a press releases describing how the product should be used.

Managing your reputation is important because a reputation, once destroyed, is very difficult to rebuild. With a reputation management team, you will be able to push bad reviews down SERPs so that they are less visible. People only pay attention to what is in the first few pages of SERPs.

The reputation management team will help you take measures that will help you avoid a bad reputation in the future. As an example, the team could create a blog where you will be explaining all issues raised by your customers/clients about your employees, products/services, and brand.

When you get information from customers/clients, you will be able to act quickly before the problem exacerbates and affects other customers/clients. There is a big chance of a bad reputation going viral on the likes of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter and you should therefore take action as quickly as possible. The improved customer service will be appreciated by your customers/clients and this will lead to customer loyalty.

The Internet has made almost all industries very competitive since you will be competing with people from across the world. A poor online presence means your customers/clients will simply move to your competitor. It will be very difficult for you to recapture them. A good SEO service will have an online reputation management service.