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Local SEO optimization involves not only making your website more visible in search engines but also to make your business more visible in your local community. Local SEO differs from standard SEO in that the keywords you choose to focus on and attain will be longer tailed and will include your local area. Also, the strategy used to perform off-page SEO will differ from those used in a national campaign.

When performing on-page SEO for a local campaign, there isn’t too much difference in the method and how it is implemented but rather the choice of keywords and they effectively represent your business or ideas. Remember, when optimizing for a local market, you will need to know who your local competition is and how to effectively choose keywords that you will rank for rather than trying to “steal” keywords from them. The most effective way to garner relevant traffic to your website is to think outside of the box and to offer information/products/services that are different from your competitors that not only makes and impression but also makes your business stand out from all the other local businesses you are competing against.

Off-page SEO for a local business is drastically different from a website that markets to the nation. Citation building is one of the most important aspects that you can focus on because online directories are just like traditional phone books; you can’t expect to find a listing for a “Paper Clips Store in San Francisco” if you are using a phone book from New Orleans. This is the same concept for local SEO. IF you are a local business that depends on the local community for business, it makes zero sense to market your business 2,000 miles away.

There are plenty of resources available online that will help you along the way when optimizing locally. Make sure to do your homework and also make sure to utilize the services of GroVisible.com to help you achieve better local sales, more local leads, and more local business. Grow your local business and become more visible on the Internet with GroVisible.com.