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Pay per click
, commonly abbreviated as PPC, is an Internet marketing model. Pay-per-click advertising involves the use of paid clicks. You will contact a website owner for an ad to be placed on the website and you will only pay when somebody clicks on the ad. The ad will take the visitor to your landing page. You could go for the flat-rate PPC whereby you pay a fixed amount for your ads and bid-based pay-per-click whereby you bid for placement. The most popular pay-per-click advertising method is Google AdWords.

There are several reasons why you should consider embarking on a pay-per-click marketing campaign. The campaign allows you to reach targeted Web traffic. Only the people who will be interested in your click will end up in your landing page. This means your traffic is more likely to covert, which means greater value for your advertising dollars.

You can have your pay per click ads in multiple websites. This and the fact that the Internet allows you to reach people from all over the world means you get a lot of exposure. Following the laws of probability, this means you are more likely to get a good deal.


20530616_smallPPC is a good idea because you only need a small initial investment. You only need to pay a small fee to set up your account, after which you will only pay when someone clicks on the ad. You get to set your own budget. Once the pre-determined amount is used up, the ad will be automatically pulled down.

If you are in a tough industry, a pay-per-click campaign will level the playing field. You will be able to effectively compete with larger competitors. You will get instant results. The moment you post your ads, you receive results (sales) instantly. This is unlike search engine optimization and social media marketing, the other major Internet marketing techniques, which take some time to give results.

You will get real-time trackability. This is important because understanding how your PPC campaign is doing will help you make the necessary adjustments. You could do geographical targeting. This is important because you will not waste your marketing dollars on markets you are not interested in. You will also be able to do seasonal marketing, again helping you maximize on your advertising dollars. Managing a pay per click campaign is easy and it will not hinder the operations of your business.